Annak érdekében, hogy Önnek a legjobb élményt nyújtsuk "sütiket" használunk honlapunkon. Az oldal használatával Ön beleegyezik a "sütik" használatába.

Beginner intensive Hungarian language course focusing on experience

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Bővebb leírás

Aim of the training: to facilitate communication in Hungarian for foreigners interested in the Hungarian language and culture, and to support their well-being in the country.

Length of training: 40 lessons, 5x4 lessons weekly

Course fee: 160.000 HUF

Planned start date of the training: 21 August - 1 September 2023

Application deadline: 1 August 2023.

More detailed presentation

The course focuses on the vocabulary and basic grammar necessary for the above objective. By the end of the course, participants are expected to understand and use basic everyday expressions and to communicate without difficulty in simple spoken situations.

Day 1

  Grammar: the Hungarian alphabet, pronunciation, reading; the verb "van" in singular;

  Vocabulary: greetings, days, months, countries, nationalities, numbers from 1 to10;

  Situations, pragmatics: presentation

Day 2

 Grammar: the definite article "a, az"; kérek + object case (only with the given words);       simple sentences; word order;

  Vocabulary: numbers, foods and drinks in the buffet;

  Situations, pragmatics: enquiry and request in the buffet

Day 3

  Grammar: the use of the verb „van” in expressing occupations, names, nationality, age;

  Vocabulary: occupations, age, numbers;

  Situations, pragmatics: presentation of oneself and others

Day 4

 Grammar: vowel matching, use of suffixes" -ban, -ben", " van/nincs" in 3rd person  singular;

  Vocabulary: places, people, objects, conjunctions "és, mert, de, hanem";

  Situations, pragmatics: in the shop, at school, addressing others formally

Day 5

  Grammar: singular conjugation, expression of place;

  Vocabulary: verbs (tanul, énekel, ül stb.), nationalities, languages;

  Situations, pragmatics: presentation of oneself and others

Day 6

  Grammar: expression of place, in which language? ”-ul, -ül”;

  Vocabulary: singular conjugation;

  Situations, pragmatics: presentation of oneself and others, appearance (clothing)

Day 7

  Grammar: postfixes (alatt, fölött); the verb "van" in plural;

  Vocabulary: in the town;

  Situations, pragmatics: giving directions, enquiry, where is?

Day 8

  Grammar: plural of nouns; the suffix"-i" (szegedi, budapesti);

  Vocabulary: home and office furnishing;

  Situations, pragmatics: shop, language school, giving directions

Day 9

  Grammar: plural of nouns and adjectives, use of the verb „van” in questions

  Vocabulary: objects and places;

  Situations, pragmatics: enquiry: Hol van?

Day 10

  Grammar: singular and plural of adjectives and demonstrative pronouns (ez, az, ezek, azok);

  Vocabulary: adjectives in plural (szép, szépek);

  Situations, pragmatics: expressing opinions, birthday

Closure of the course.

The 4 daily language lessons are complemented by optional country and cultural programmes in the afternoons:

- a walk in the centre of Miskolc;

- Miskolc sightseeing tour, including a visit to the castle of Diósgyőr;

- excursion to Lillafüred;

- a tour in the Bükk Mountains;

- watching short films;

- attending a theatre performance.

Responsible persons: Szokoli Katalin, Havasiné Schultz Mária

Their email addresses: Szokoli Katalin:

                                     Havasiné Schultz Mária.: